Selling is the reason
we all are here!

When all is said and done,
products are made to be sold.

Do you want to increase your sale online?

What is a Marketplace?

Online platform multi-brands and multi-categories that sell current collections and stocks:
• Retail price is defined with the Brand
• No limited time sale but Seasonal sale where the  Brand decide the inventory to allocate
• Drop-shipping or Consignment depending on platform and geographic area
• International brand awareness and sale: Europe, China, USA

What is a Flash Sale?

• Limited time flash sale: sales promotion that lasts from few hours to few days
• Stock sell out: opportunity to dismiss existing stock from previous season at reduced price (items are discounted up to 60%)**
• Access to mono-brand and multi-brand flash sales. We guarantee continuous sales opportunity

** Lacrom structure allows brands with limited inventory to participate and access to multi-brand flash sales on the European market

We worked with:



Strategy and identification of
the best positioning online and
for country

Direct access

Continual direct access to
online platforms: market
place e flash sale


Pricing and inventory definition
to reach the perfect fit per
country and per platform


Template definition and
upload support


Logistic support and
shipping management

Multi account

Multi account management